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Ms. Roboto Kid's T-Shirt

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Robots and science aren't just for boys! Ms. Roboto brings the same lovable science theme as Mr. Roboto, but with a touch of grace with her pink or purple hair bow. Dōmo arigatō Ms. Roboto indeed!


Our screen printed line presents comfortable apparel with a quality printed design. Each design comes from a hand curated pattern taken from the city (except the tagline shirt). These are captured from one of our hand pressed designs, and then recreated in exact detail for every print.


Our exclusive hand pressed line is done with old world techniques that require  careful, labor intensive artistry that results in truly one-of-a-kind prints every time. Designs are impacted by the amount of ink used, the level of pressure applied, and even the weather at the time of pressing and drying, thus creating similar yet distinct prints. Each of these print lines are limited in the number of pressings done and every item is hand numbered so you know without a doubt your item is exclusive. 

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