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A Guud Start


In 2019, co-founder Matthew Ladin grew tired and disillusioned with corporate America. He had twenty successful years in the IT industry, but something was missing. That’s when he set his mind to it: find a way to make the world a better place and pay his bills at the same time. He promptly quit his job and set out to do just that.
One day, Matthew was introduced to future co-founder and experienced entrepreneur Leon Jacobson. Leon, too, had recently left his job in real estate to pursue his passion of being a social entrepreneur and to make a positive impact in the community. They talked and quickly realized they were both searching for the same thing. This led to an idea. That idea became GuudWEAR.
GuudWEAR is a socially conscious apparel company working to make an impact in local communities by helping those most in need transition out of homelessness. One of the main ways we do this is by donating 15% of the net profits from every piece of apparel and accessory we sell to our non-profit partners.
GuudWEAR uses authentic and unique designs for our products. We find inspiration from manhole covers, placards, and other non-traditional street artwork to create designs on our apparel and accessories. We find beauty in street art that normally goes unnoticed.
At GuudWEAR, we also believe in making environmentally conscious decisions in every aspect of our business. From our apparel to packaging, we use environmentally responsible materials as much as possible. Our mantra of People, Planet, and Profit goes into every business decision we make.
Ultimately, we are working towards being able to provide stepping stone jobs to those individuals who are working hard to transition out of homelessness, as well as give them the resources they need to succeed.
Please join us in making a true impact in our local communities by directly improving people’s lives and helping them transition out of homelessness. Remember to always #DoGuud.
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