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Is GuudWear a non-profit?

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No. GuudWear is incorporated as an LLC; however, we aren’t a “normal” business. We follow the triple bottom line business framework (TBL or 3BL). TBL companies commit to focus on social and environmental concerns just as they do on profits.

In every decision we make we consider three factors: People, Planet, and Profit. How will this decision impact the people in our community (local, national, and international), what is the ecological impact on the planet, and how will it affect the profitability of the company?

Do you make a profit?

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Yes. But as a TBL business, GuudWear knows we can do more. We focus on People, the Planet, and Profit; as each is an indispensable piece to our success. From GuudWear's sales, a minimum of 10% of the sales price of every piece of apparel and accessory we sell goes directly to our non-profit partners located in the communities captured in our designs. Check out our non-profit partners over on our Partner’s page.


How do I handle a return or exchange?

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Head over to our returns and exchanges page and follow the simple instructions there. Additional return and exchange specific FAQs are located near the bottom of that page.

Where do orders ship from?

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Dallas, TX, USA

Can I cancel/modify my order once it has been submitted?

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Unfortunately once an order is submitted you cannot modify or cancel it. The guud news? We’re committed to your 100% satisfaction, so contact us immediately and we’ll get it resolved with you

Do you offer discounts when ordering in bulk?

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Yes! Please contact us for a quote if you plan on ordering over 20 of any product. 


Is the apparel comfortable?

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YES! This has been a core requirement from day one and can be best described by our co-founder Matthew Ladin. “Everyone has two or three shirts they will think of if you ask them to pull the most comfortable shirt in their closet. I want GuudWear to be one of those two or three.” This extends beyond the original t-shirt line and is of the utmost importance when we release any piece of apparel or accessory. 

Where can I find product sizing information?

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Review our sizing charts for all shirt types.


Once a design has been retired is there any way I can still order one?

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There is no preset limit. We are committed to providing our customers with designs they like though, so if one you absolutely love is retired please contact us and let us know. We want to know what you like, and you never know… you might just get the one off our backs!

Can you do custom designs?

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100% yes! We love doing custom work. Contact us and we can discuss your options. If you are local, we can come to your location and help you scout designs found in and around your office/building/complex/neighborhood. If you aren’t local, that doesn’t mean we can’t still collaborate. Drop us a line at


Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

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Yes! We use poly mailers that are made from 88% post-consumer & post-industrial recycled plastic, that are reusable and fully recyclable. 

How can your poly mailers be reused?

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Using the tear strip to open the bag means the bag is opened without being destroyed. You can reuse the bag by simply sealing it back up with tape and we encourage this if you need to send us a return or exchange.

How can your poly mailers be recycled?

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Our poly mailers are made with recycled content which can continue to be recycled over and over. They are a #4 plastic which means they can’t be recycled in single stream recycling plants because the flimsy material gets caught up in their sorting equipment, but they can be recycled the same way you would recycle grocery bags. Most grocery stores participate in recycling #4 plastics and you can find a store that participates by using the zip code locator here: In addition, some curbside recycling programs can accept plastic bags, so please check with your waste management provider for more information.

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